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The M&A sector is one of the core sectors of Chang-An in recent years.
Chang-An Lawyers participate in large-scale and landmark M&A cases.

Our services in this practice include:

Reconstructing of listed companies
Corporate M&A, assets and business restructuring
Other legal services in the M&A and restructuring sector

Our main legal services in this practice cover:

Legal consulting on MA and Restructuring
Assisting to confirm the M&A and restructuring plans, optimizing exchange structure, legal risks assessment
Due diligence investigation and issuance of relevant legal documents
Participating in the discussion and negotiation on M&A and restructuring
Regularizing the legal procedure during the transaction, ensuring the compliance of the transaction
Drafting ,revising, optimizing the stock rights or assets transferring agreements and other legal documents
Other legal services in M&A and restructuring sector