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Investment, Financing and Financial Products
The Investment, Financing and Financial Products sector is one of rapidly being developed innovative sectors of Chang-An. From the very beginning, Chang-An is recognized by its domestic and overseas clients by virtue of its teamwork and professional background.

Our services in this practice include:

Legal services on the bond issuance and exchange
Legal services on the private equity funds, industrial funds and corporate financing
Legal services on local financing platform projects and policy finance
Privatization of public utilities

Our main legal services in this practice cover:

Providing issuance plans of corporate bonds, short-term financing bonds, medium term notes, SME collective notes and private-placement bonds, and due diligence investigation and issuing the legal opinions
Providing plans for raising, establishing and standard operating of the private equity funds and industrial funds, and issuing the legal opinions
Providing corporate financing plans and participating in the negotiations
M&A financing plans
Absorption and withdrawal plans of venture capital investment
Plans for the local financing platform projects, policy financing projects and franchise projects